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It's Not Your Fault. 
Old Emotions, Thought Patterns and Traumatic Events Keep us Stuck.  


Are Old Emotional Wounds Keeping You From Achieving All You Want In Life?

Have You Had Unproductive Thoughts Programmed Into Your Way of Thinking?

Do You Feel Like "It's Just Always Going To Be This Way."?

Time To Learn a New Way of Living in God's Presence.

In reality, true heart healing comes from the finished work of Jesus on the Cross.

Connect with Jesus Through Gratitude and Appreciation

Interact with Him through Guided Prayer

Partner with Holy Spirit to Bring Deep, Lasting Healing

Clear Emotional Blocks to Release Peace in Your Heart

Let Him Redeem Old Memories and Events

Reconnect with Father God, and Who He Says You Are

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As a Shame Buster, I help you replace shame with the real, unconditional, never-ending love of Father God.

In Your Heart Healing Session We Will:

Create Space to Encounter Jesus

Achieve Breakthrough where You've Been Stuck

Restore Your Heart to Wholeness

Gain Freedom to Align with Your Identity and Mission in The Father's Heart

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Freedom Available to You

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Feedback from Clients


I can’t begin to describe what heart healing prayer has done for me! We journeyed through prayer sessions that was wonderful to receive healing in the parts of my heart that were closed off and now opened and healed. My biggest breakthrough was healing of the emotional part of my heart that was shattered. I experienced God’s strength pouring into my heart by His healing Hands. Heart healing is the key to everything! My relationship with the Lord, my identity and all I do.  Pam C.  Ohio


I knew I was missing a personal connection with Jesus and Father God.  I was raised in a legalistic background. The issue of trust and love was not part of my personal upbringing.  Through heart healing and over time I allowed Jesus into my life and now see that He and Father God only see me through eyes of love . They created me to live in freedom and who they personally made me be in their image.   I feel so loved and love connecting with Jesus and Father God. I am finally aligning myself in identity with them and with the freedom and love I have run from most of my life.  Heather D.

I had trouble getting past my need for perfection before putting something out into the world.
Oh my goodness! Wendy planted a brain seed that blossomed into a forest of productivity! She told me "good is good enough" and that pushed me to decide on my logo, make business cards and fliers, and to put myself out there and promote my business in a way that I previously hadn't been! This woman is amazing.  She is a life doula!!   Melissa D.  NH
I felt stuck and couldn't go forward in my life.  I was very hard on myself and never giving myself credit for what I do.  I had a lot of breakthroughs from the process Wendy took me through.  Her compassion and sincerity and her loving heart, insight and intuition were very helpful.  I was able to stop procrastinating and move forward in my life.  I could now identify the problem.  I am very grateful to have Wendy as a coach and would highly recommend her.   Paulette L.  MN
I was struggling to "put it all together".  I lacked clarity and seemed to be floundering, kind of flapping in the wind with no real direction.

After working with Wendy, I now of a clear direction and the results (I've been wanting for soooo long) are now happening.  I've made clear decisions.  I've stopped chasing the "shiny objects" and now know what to focus on and how to set clear goals, and achieve them.  Keith P. TN

I highly recommend Wendy because I can feel how deeply committed to my success she is. 
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