Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

Do you remember being teased about something out of your control? Something minor, childish even. Not a mark on your soul, but it felt that way?

She always fed us well and she was making chocolate pudding. The kind you cook on the stove.
Claire had such a mama’s heart. She didn’t know that a big ant had crawled into the pot she made the pudding in. It was the same color, after all.

I didn’t know it either. So I ate my supper in anticipation of that chocolate pudding. It seemed to be a ‘secret’, a surprise for the family meal, so I hadn’t told anyone I saw her making it. I love surprises and seeing the delight on people’s faces when they get a warm surprise just brings joy to my heart.

Dipping my spoon into my own, personal desert dish of that dark, smooth richness, my mouth waited for the ecstasy of that first bite. God knew what he was doing when he made chocolate. He knew how much his children would love it. And how I anticipated that first bite!

Except when it hit my mouth there was something hard in there. It seemed to have arms or legs. The creamy pudding contained something I didn’t want to bite into or swallow. And my whole insides were screaming to get it out of my mouth. But I waited.

Those older siblings and step siblings meant well, but I was too fragile for that kind of ribbing.

Looking around, I saw my chance to spit this vile thing out of my mouth. How did that get into my pudding? And WHY ME??

I still remember it so well and now the memory itself has a message for me.

“I wanted your attention and I thought this might work. “

Jesus, you do have a sense of humor! But I was mortified. Mortified!!! Why would you do that to me?

Like I said, I wanted your attention. Life was too hard for you, but I want you to know I was with you, even then. I am Immanuel. God who is always with you. And you may be surprised but …

I was that ant!

And if I remember correctly, after checking it out thoroughly, you enjoyed the rest of that chocolate pudding!!

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